About Zenith

Since its creation in 1865, Zenith has inspired individuals to reach for their dreams – against all odds. In 1969, Zenith announced the birth of El Primero, becoming the first maison to publicly launch its own automatic chronograph. In 1975, in the middle of a watchmaking crisis, the company ceased production of mechanical movements and disposed of required machinery. Charles Vermot, a foreman in the workshop, went against management's demands and hid the tools necessary for the creation of El Primero. However, as the demand for mechanical watches later rose, Vermot gave back the tools and plans, providing major watch brands with a fresh start by equipping their timepieces with the legendary El Primero. Now, a leading name in timepieces, Zenith constantly strives to reach the highest standards of watchmaking.


A Beautiful Partnership

Since joining in the 2000’s, Maison Cadrans has watched Zenith grow to new heights, reach new milestones and set extraordinary standards in watchmaking. Notable for their legendary El Primero movement, Zenith’s passion, design and precision are the qualities that define their exceptional timepieces. Maison Cadrans is proud to be a part of this prestigious brand, revolutionizing the world of luxury watchmaking.

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