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Patek Philippe is an iconic family manufacturer, arguably one of the world’s most desirable watch brands. Offering unparalleled savoir-faire and exceptional artistry since 1839, the brand remains the last independent, family-owned Genevan manufacture, sharing its tradition and innovation with the world.   Known for their noble, artisan technique, Patek Philippe offers meticulous consistency when it comes to the fine details of the creations process. The Maison is well known for their slogan “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” In order to achieve this motto, the brand is on an everlasting quest for excellence. The Patek universe is constantly expanding, with the establishment of the Patek Philippe museum in 2001, showcasing antique timepieces and showcases of watches since its foundation.

Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe

A Beautiful Lifelong Partnership

Two independent family businesses; shared values; shared passion. For over 65 years, Maison Cadrans and Patek Philippe have enjoyed a long-standing love affair in the horology industry. In 1954, Patek Philippe expanded to Lebanon, having been present in only a few countries at that time. As one of the first authorized retailers, Maison Cadrans exclusively carries the chefs-d'oeuvre by one of the most prestigious watch brands. Unparalleled quality, trust and friendship have formed the cornerstone of their shared philosophy and Maison Cadrans and Patek Philippe are proud to continue their magnificent journey through time.

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