About Dior

The ambition of Christian Dior has always been to “make women beautiful and happy”. Drawing inspiration from the themes dear to his heart, Dior has aimed to create a true ode to womanliness through its exceptional jewelry and timepieces. In the heart of the studios on Avenue Montaigne, Victoire de Castellane, French jewelry designer has been effortlessly combining colorful pieces and rich materials and the art of haute couture to create precious timepieces. Inspired by classic femininity, Dior timepieces are for the modern and fearless woman, living her life with strength and gracefulness.


A Beautiful Partnership

Maison Cadrans has always been enchanted by the dreamy French fashion house that is Dior. The partnership began in the early 2000’s and ever since has been making women beautiful, adorning them with some of the most striking timepieces ever made. A welcome addition to Maison Cadrans, Dior’s dedication to feminism can be seen through their bold spirit of the women that wear these awe- inspiring pieces.

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