About Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko was born in 1960 with the first model produced in Suwa Seikosha, in the Nagano prefecture of central Japan. Since its creation, it has been the idea that Grand Seiko should be the “ideal” watch that has driven designers and engineers to reach for the highest standards of accuracy, resilience and beauty. As one of the only fully integrated timepieces manufactures in the world, Grand Seiko holds a mastery of the entire watchmaking process, from the initial research and development of materials to the manufacture, assembly, adjustment, inspection and shipment. The Maison embodies unrivalled quality in every single timepiece it puts out into the world. It remains true to its rich history, celebrating the Japanese spirituality of time, deeply rooted in inspiration from nature and its seasons.


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A Beautiful Partnership

The newest addition to the Maison Cadrans family, Grand Seiko was the culmination of several years of development and ultimately created by Seiko’s own watchmakers’ technology. This passion to constantly evolve through in-house development aligns seamlessly with Maison Cadrans own desire to transform and enable more connected experiences.

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