Welcome to CADRANS
It is the story behind each watch or jewelry piece that truly matters

Being part of your story is what Maison Cadrans is all about. Join the journey of a blossoming relationship with timepieces and jewelry of ingenuity, creativity and unparalleled quality. This shall be your story to future generations and pave the way for unforgettable memories.

Our love affair with fine watchmaking is deeply rooted in our group’s DNA

As our founder’s entrepreneurial journey officially started in 1947 with the representation of a watch, which later paved the way for what was to become HOLDAL group

patek philipe store
Our fascination for Haute Horlogerie grew with the years, leading in 1954 to the initiation of a beautiful lifelong partnership with Patek Philippe.

And so was born there onwards la Maison CADRANS, driven by a deep understanding of the emotional process that a collectionneur or amateur goes through when acquiring a fine watch.

From the very beginning, CADRANS was meant to house a few, carefully picked, selective brands in order to properly honor their individual universes, but also to honor our clients’ individualities.
While consumers’ needs and motives have changed since, and while CADRANS is transforming to enable more immersive and connected experiences, its purpose remains very much the same:

To bring about and capture the magical encounter between a fine product and its intended owner, whether through curating individualized experiences or through nurturing an enriching community of like-minded people.
Our mission

CADRANS is a Maison drawn as a place to discover, to experience with the utmost respect for its tenants, guests and friends. We invite you on a journey of heritage, art, cultural legacy, curiosity and discovery: a new way to experience watchmaking and jewelry. As a unique home to share passions and experiences, Cadrans promises to be the one-stop destination to connect watch and jewelry professionals and aficionados.

cadrans maison
Our vision

Cadrans is a marriage of legacy and luxury, taking you on a journey of discovering art and craftsmanship. Cadrans opens your horizon to a unique sense of belonging to an unrivalled community of shared passions. Whether you are a connoisseur or simply entering the world of haute horlogerie or jewelry for the first time, you will experience a timeless journey with us.

Our values

Our family values are at the core of our corporate ideals as we strive to deliver our goals in the most responsible way possible. We put our community and our environment first and together with our passion to nurture brands, we look forward to fueling the game changers of tomorrow.

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CADRANS is the unique place for exceptional talent, creativity and innovation sharing the values of passion, hospitality, resilience, generosity and savoir-faire.

CADRANS is a ‘Maison’ carrying the spirit of a home with family values, the true Lebanese values.