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The magical history of Seiko began in 1881 with a passionate 21 year old entrepreneur, Kintato Hattori who opened his own shop selling and repairing watches, in the heart of Tokyo. This shop would later turn into the Seikosha factory. The Grand Kanto earthquake destroyed his shop, but not his sense of resilience, which led him to reopen his shop a year after the tragedy struck. This resilience combined with an excellent visionary spirit enabled Hattori to always create designs that kept on surprising the world of watchmaking. In the 1970’s, Seiko unveiled the first ever quart timepiece, now considered amongst the most emotionally and historically charged pieces.  Today, after more than a century of innovation, Seiko is still devoted to the perfection the founder always strove to achieve.


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A Beautiful Partnership

A strong cornerstone of our Maison since 1988, Seiko tells the story of a resilient innovative Japanese entrepreneur who took the watchmaking world by storm. Always ahead of the curve, Seiko are constantly expanding and unveiling spectacular timepieces. Seiko and Maison Cadrans are connected with an unspoken bond of loyalty, faithfulness and a dedication to innovation.

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